The Advantages Of Living With Your Parents Being An Adult

Can you still remember the days where you can’t wait to leave home, get a job and do whatever you want in life without your parents’ approval? Mine, it feels like it was just yesterday. And every time I looked back on those times, I just chuckle and sigh.

Most of you probably are already away from your parent’s place when you entered adulthood. However, in most Asian countries like here in the Philippines, it’s fine to live with your parents even if you have your own family already. Filipinos are known for being family-oriented but my parents raised us more about the value of being independent.

I left home for college, stayed with my relatives and before I even got my degree, I already looked for my place to stay. I finished my on-the-job training and a week after my graduation, I landed a job. It was fulfilling that I was able to survive alone without my parents by my side when I faced the real world. When I felt that it’s about time to go home, I did go home, 4 years ago. I was away from my family for 6-7 years and only took a summer vacation once.

Now that I’ve been staying home since 2018, here are the best things (for me) about living with your parents even if you’re old enough to live by yourself.

Free, newly cooked food

My parents are both good cooks and I always miss them every time I eat stale and fast food when I wasn’t at home. There’s nothing that can compare how good home-cooked for is especially if your parents made it for you.

No bills to pay

Living in the city is expensive especially if you’re the only one who pays for it. I learned so much about budgeting my hard-earned money for paying the rent, food and transportation allowance, etc. It was difficult! But living with my parents help me to save more for my future goals. All I need to do is to help them with some household chores, that’s it.

Less stressful life

I can say that I’m more relaxed when I went home unlike when I was in the city. I’m happier than before although sometimes, I miss my friends and the city lights, noise and crowds. But what’s more important to me is my well-being. The kind of peace I have right now, I don’t think I can get that from the place I was before. No one can understand me more than my parents, especially my Mom.

More time to spend with them

My father passed away last year and the first thing I thought about was looking after my Mom. Although she always reminds us that we don’t need to worry about her and we should find our luck somewhere else, she still needs us. This is the perfect chance to spend more time with our parents now that they’re getting old and the pandemic can make us stay inside our homes. The moment they stop nagging us about going back home, you can no longer turn back the time and make them say those lines again.

Thank you so much for reading!


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