The Change Always Starts With You

Last two weeks ago, I found out my current body weight and the result made me so frustrated because I didn’t gain that much in the last 5 years. I’m underweight even if I eat normally and do exercise from time to time. I guess my effort isn’t enough. I have to work harder to be healthy, inside and out. If getting a well-toned body is my priority before, I should start first by gaining more weight and the rest will follow. I’m keeping myself positive as much as I can even if there are some days that I want to give up already. Yet, when I think about how this can change my life for the better, I get more motivated to continue.

Some days, I feel like giving up and just be satisfied with the kind of body and weight that I have. But whenever I look in the mirror, the level of happiness that I have isn’t enough; I still feel incomplete. If losing weight is tough for others, what more for people like me who need to gain more? It’s not easy to eat even if you’re still feeling full. I don’t think I have an illness, I’m just lazy to prepare food and that’s what makes my Mom get annoyed about me. I tend to ignore my stomach when I’m occupied. When I do something, I usually don’t stop or even take a break unless it’s already done and I know it’s a bad habit.

It’s been two weeks since I begin my journey of adding more weight and so far, I’m doing pretty good. I eat a heavy breakfast now unlike before where I just drink hot chocolate in the morning. I eat rice and peanut butter sandwich some days, my meals have fruits and veggies so it’s still balanced. I lessen my exercise from three times a week to twice or once a week since I do some household chores every day so I still lose some calories and get sweaty at the same time.

I wrote an article before about motivating others a year ago where I discussed how it can help people to continue with what they do even if it’s hard. Yet, I forgot to mention that you also need to give some to yourself as well. The kind of mindset, energy and action you put inside you can help you to move on your feet and be the best version of yourself.

Thank you so much for reading!


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