Being Hopeful In Times Like This

Yesterday was an Easter Sunday, the second time when people didn’t get a chance to go to church and honor the rising of the Lord from the dead. Last night, I watched the live Holy Mass on the television and the homily focused on being hopeful. The priest also mentioned that there is always a third day in the life of a person. We all have an opportunity to start again after encountering challenges and miseries just like Jesus Christ had encountered.

I was raised as a Catholic. My grandmother (mother’s side) was a very religious woman but my Mom isn’t. Although she taught us how to pray and be grateful for all the good things we receive in life, it’s still different if you know a couple of prayers like my grandma. When we moved from the city to the place where my Mom was born, my aunt took this opportunity for me and my siblings to learn a few prayers, like in the rosary. I can still remember when I was a kid, I thought that the rosary is just some kind of a necklace. So when I tried to wear it and fit on my head, it snapped and the beads cluttered all over the place. My Mom got mad and scared me that Jesus Christ is going to get mad at me.

Going back to the priest’s homily last night, in times like this, where people need strength and faith, we also have to be more hopeful that we can surpass the trials we’re facing right now. If you lose your job, be hopeful that you’ll find another one soon. If you’re facing so many problems today, be hopeful that they will slowly be resolved soon. If you’re experiencing depression and stress, be hopeful that it will not be forever. All the things that have a beginning have their ending. Each of us is going through hard times and believing that it will be resolve when the right time comes is the best thing that we can do.

Thank you so much for reading!


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