How One Good Laugh Can Make Your Day Great

As I typed this post this morning, I realized how one good laugh can make people’s day great. Although there’s a small thing that made me upset, it didn’t stop me from laughing today. There’s this one comedian that we’re being interviewed as I watched the television. He made a joke about woman’s intuition and how his wife always drives him crazy because of it. Isn’t it funny that we can relate to other people’s situations even in simple ways? Even when we listen and read stories online or offline, laughing can bring brighter days ahead of us.

I wrote a post before about trying to make someone laugh have lots of benefits to us and others. Now, I can see the value of that small act especially other people can’t find a way to do it anymore because of the pandemic. Some of you may have noticed that I keep on mentioning the current situation we’re facing today. That’s because I’m experiencing the same thing too. Writing about things that I don’t relate to is hard. It’s like being trapped into something and you don’t know where or how are you going to go out.

There may be some days that we may feel miserable in life, why don’t we try to laugh. It can lighten up the loads we have over our shoulders even for a bit. If others can do it by watching funny videos or reading stories, then do it. Sometimes, all we need to do is let go of our problems and focus on the things that we can control. The problem of the world will not be resolved by frowning all day. Keeping sane, happy and grateful in times of chaos can be help even for awhile.


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