Another Half of The Year Has Passed

It’s the 16th of June today. As I glance back on the previous months of my year, a lot of things had happened. It was a roller coaster ride of emotion where drama, misunderstanding, and heartaches were the highlight of the first three months of 2021.

January where my sense of contentment became stronger. I have become more appreciative of the things and people that I have and with right now. February when things started to bottled up, my emotional stability was uncontrollable. March when another chapter of my life needs to get close. April where I figure out the real value of self-love and care and why it should be my top priority. May was when I started to get up on my feet again. I started to get back to exercising, sleeping on time, reading, and keeping up with my to-do lists. And this month, I focus on looking for things that will contribute to my knowledge. I’m also slowly learning how being patient in everything that I do will make me a better person.

I admit that there some instances where I get furious easily and I try to shift my mood easily. By finding humor about things that caused me irritation, my mood lightens up. Being in a bad mood sometimes is normal anyway.

These days, I’m keeping myself occupied. I paint, mold clay, help my sister with her small yet growing craft business, and do most of the chores here at home. My Mom is still going to work and my eldest sister sleeps all day since she works the whole night. So, I spend my quiet days with my dogs and cats. I play with them when I start to get bored with what I’m doing. Animals have this way of making humans laugh and I love it.

As I type this, I realized that I haven’t done overthinking lately and it’s a good sign. Because when I do that, I begin to feel down for the whole day, sometimes, week. I easily get affected by the things that I put on my mind so as much as I can, I think positively.

This is a good start for me, I guess, to get back on blogging. I hope you’re all having a wonderful day as you read this post.

Thank you so much for reading!

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