My Weight Gain Journey Update

As of today, I’m 4 kilos ( 8.81 pounds) away from my target weight. I started my journey in March this year. And for me to be committed to my goal, I record my weight every 5th day of the month since March.

I exercise at least 15 minutes a day and I eat more than I do before. I don’t wait to feel hungry and I make sure that I have a snack with me all the time. At first, it took me so much effort to stick with this routine. But every time I think about the benefits it can give, I get motivated to continue.

I’m grateful for my mom who supports me with my journey in gaining weight. She gives me time to do my exercise and encourages me to eat healthily. She knows my struggle because I complain to her most of the time.

Some people think that I’m lucky to have this type of body. Yet, looking good for other’s eyes doesn’t make me feel healthy inside. At my age, I now value more my health than my looks. Seeing my figure in the mirror and how heavy I am in the body weighing scale scares me. Sometimes, I feel sick even if I don’t feel I am.

Everything takes time. Once I meet my target weight, I will continue my daily routine. I’ll stick to a healthier diet and keep on doing exercise so I can maintain my normal weight.

For those who are experiencing the same situation like mine, or you’re trying to lose weight, let’s just keep going. Soon enough, we will see the good result our hard works will be pay off.

Thank you so much for reading!

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