Small Things That Will Make You Happy 2021

I decided to rewrite the post that I made a couple of months ago about the things that make me happy. Because every day, I have a lot of realization in life that adds more to my list. I’m typing this while eating candy-coated milk chocolate. Another little thing that makes me feel happy.

Today, I’m sharing with you my list and I hope you can relate to it.

1.Waking up in the morning.
2.Having food to cook and eat.
3.Playing with my pets.

4.Having a place that I can call ‘home.’
5.Listening to my favorite songs.
6.Having communication with my friends.
7.Wearing clean clothes.
8.Full-charged devices.

9.Having complete senses.
10.Painting random things.
11.Reading interesting books.
12.Being able to save money every day.
13.A smooth ride and travel.
14.Wearing and getting warm from wearing socks.
15.Checking things off on my to-do list.
16.Getting a new haircut.
17.Finishing 15 minutes of workout every morning.
18.Hearing from a stranger saying, ‘be safe.’

19.Being lick by my dogs.
20.Talking to someone who always makes me laugh.

21.Being in my element.
22.Random compliments from someone.
23.Trying a new recipe and it’s a success.
24.Getting things done earlier than you expected.

25.An afternoon nap.
26.Sharing your thoughts without being judged.
27.Learning new things by watching YouTube videos.
28.Giggling alone.
29.When you get a sudden urge get inspired.
30.Seeing your family, loved ones and friends happy.

I admit that I’m smiling while I’m typing this post. A realization hits me that happiness can also be found in little things around us. We should all learn how to appreciate it because they’re blessings.

Do you want to add more things to my list? Leave your comments and I’ll be glad to read all of them!

Thank you so much for reading! 

Updated as of July 7, ’21

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