Are They “The One” For You?

Being in love with the right person is one of the greatest things that we can experience in life. Just by watching chick flicks and romantic movies or series, you’ll feel it. We imagine being in giddy situations where everything seems perfect. Yet, it’s not always the case for some of us.

When it comes to relationship topics, I consider myself a hopeless romantic. My mom keeps on reminding me that I should be more careful in choosing the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. I understand her point and at the same time, I want to enjoy the journey of being in love.

As I update this post, I’m still learning how to figure out what signs I need to watch out if they’re ‘the one’ or not. My previous relationship seems perfect but it didn’t last so I guess being comfortable with each other isn’t enough sign. Haha. Now that I’m single again, I’m guessing that this is the best time to do a reflection about it.

1. The conversation just flows naturally.

When the conversation seemed flowing from the very first day, take note of this. You seldom meet a person with who you can exchange ideas about everything. It’s like you both ‘get’ each other. Lovely.

2. You respect each other’s differences.

Yes, sharing the same hobbies and values is important to know if they’re ‘the one’ for you. The same goes with accepting your differences wholeheartedly, with no judgment. We all want the kind of relationship where both have respect for each other’s opinions and points of view.

3.  They’re truly kind.

A kind partner is one of the traits you need to watch out as well. Not only towards you but also to other people. They said that how they treat other people is how they will treat you too.

4. You’re both making effort to make it work.

Some are just invested in the first phase of the relationship. But if you both equally make effort to spend quality time together with the same vibes since day one, consider them as ‘the one.’

4.  Arguments end well.

Having arguments in a relationship is normal. This is one of the ways on how to find out if they’re ‘the one’ for you. It will show you what kind of person they truly are when they get heated. If they still respect and listen to you, and understand where are you coming from, keep them. Yet, if they choose to ignore you or gets defensive, think twice now. You deserve better than that.

5. They do the talk.

Flowery words are not enough if it doesn’t match their words. If they keep on telling you how special you are to them but they don’t show it through their actions, their intentions aren’t true. You have to realize that a person who matches their words with action is trustworthy, which leads to a long-lasting relationship.

7. Seeing you happy makes them happy too.

It feels special when you know that your happiness is important to them. When they don’t consider you as an inconvenience and don’t expect anything from you in return. And the same goes with you where you’re willing to do the same. You give all your love and time because you know that what makes them happy. Unconditional love also includes not changing you just to be someone else which clearly you’re not.

8. Both of your families and friends support your togetherness.

No matter how secretive you are, letting some people who are close to you know about your special someone is a good thing. Your family and friends always want the best for you. They can even help you see that the person you’re with is ‘the one’ for you or not.

How about you? Do you know some of the signs that will lead you to the perfect person? I would love to read some of your comments!

Thank you so much for reading!

Updated as of July 11, ’21

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