What My Day Looks Like

My alarm is always set at 5:15 am. But lately, I feel sleepy most days so I decided to change it to 5:45 am. I get up at 6 am and officially start my day. I make my bed, change clothes, and bring my book and highlighter downstairs. My dogs are always thrilled to see me every single day and that makes me happy even if they give me scratches all over my arms and legs. I guess that’s how they show their love and affection – by hurting me. Haha.

I comb my hair, make my hot chocolate, start to cook food for my dogs and check my plants. I just started dedicating some of my time to gardening. I’m growing some lettuce and carrots. Hopefully, they won’t wither and die just like my feelings. *giggles* While waiting for my dogs’ food to cook, I do laundry and clean the house. I multi-tasking by answering my sister’s customers on her business page. I’m like her customer service employee yet I do it for free.

My mom goes to work at 8 am. I cook my brunch around that time as well, right after I feed my dogs while looking after our small business. After I eat, I wash the dishes and start to read my book. I still have the habit of constantly checking my phone but I’m more mindful now of my phone usage. I only use it when it’s necessary like replying to important messages or emails.

I’m trying to let you visualize what my day looks like. My day always consists of household chores since I don’t have a 9 to 5 job. I always find a way to make my day productive even I’m just at home. I take a shower at 3 pm when my sister is already awake so someone can look after the store. My mom gets home around that time too. I feed my dogs at 4 pm and at 5:30 pm, that’s the only time I turn on the TV to watch the news while having dinner. I wash the dishes at 6 pm, brush my teeth at 6:30 pm and go to my room at 7 pm. Sometimes when I’m still not sleepy, I stay downstairs to look after the business until 8 pm. I exercise for 10 minutes every other day at night and spend the rest of it reading. I usually go to sleep around 9:30 pm.

I memorize now my everyday routine and tasks. It’s getting easier every time I wake up because I don’t have to think anymore about what I have to do next. It’s like my brain and body are already programmed to do all those things and that makes my day feel efficient.

Thank you so much for reading!


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