My Experiences (So Far) From Not Having a Facebook

It’s almost two years now since I deleted my Facebook account and I don’t miss anything about it, to be honest. I’ve gained so many positive things from doing it, and I don’t think I’ll come back on that app again. The FOMO feeling wasn’t here anymore and I’m going to share with you how not having a Facebook changed my life. 

The first few days weren’t easy because checking my timeline and feed became part of my routine. When something became a habit, it’s difficult to prevent yourself from doing it. It’s like an addiction. It’s a good thing that I live in a farm-like setup where I can do so many things than sitting in one corner and do nonstop scrolling on my phone.

I’ve been a morning person since then and I plan my day the night before. I guess the idea of boredom was the one that prevented me from being productive. I used to always check my phone and get excited when I see new notifications. Now, I just touch my phone in the morning to stop my alarm. 

Before I leave my room, I always make sure to make my bed. Sleeping in an organized bed makes me feel sleepy and comfortable after a long day of not getting laid on it. Though I spend my days at home, I don’t usually like staying in my room unless I have to sleep or clean it. At night, I put my phone in airplane mode so I won’t receive any texts or calls when I’m asleep. No one wants to get disturbed from a deep sleep just because someone wants to check on you. Unless you’re expecting someone do to that for you. 

Last week, I reorganized my room. I put my laptop on my desk including my pens, sticky notes, and journal. This corner gives me a space for “work and focus.” And my books are on my bedside table because I’ve been reading a lot lately. I want them to be reachable because every time I see them, I get inspired to read than use my phone. I’m aiming to become a reader and I found out that one way of taking care of yourself is by putting positive words in your mind. Reading allows me to escape the real world all the time and it never disappoints me because I always feel a lot better during and after reading a book.

I feel that I became more healthy from not having a Facebook. I eat on time now and I eat when I get hungry and take my time to finish it. I experienced having a bad stomach and that was uncomfortable. I even had an eating problem that made me think I was anorexic because I throw up what I eat most of the time. My mom got concerned knowing that it wasn’t normal. She tried giving me vitamins and supplements that would help me have an appetite to eat again. All it did was make me feel sleepy.

One day, I woke up feeling motivated to work on myself. I was aware that I was being a couch potato and if there was someone who will do something about it, that would be me. I began reducing my phone usage and deleting the apps that made me want to use my phone. I had to take a break from opening other apps that didn’t contribute that much to my productivity. 

Another thing that I experience from not having a Facebook is that I became more confident about myself. The feeling of insecurities is inevitable and it’s still there but I was able to see myself in so many positive ways. I embrace my potential and talents more than just the outside look and that’s what’s more important to me.

Thank you so much for reading! 


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One thought on “My Experiences (So Far) From Not Having a Facebook

  1. This is a challenge of mine, and I want to avoid all social media in general. It becomes hard when your work involves being on social media though. But not only are these apps draining my mental clarity, so too is mindless browsing on the internet. Hopefully I’ll kick the habit soon. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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