Why You Shouldn’t Settle For Less

When it comes to decision-making, some of you might just want to stay in your comfort zone. I understand how terrifying it can be to do something that is new for us. However, taking risks and facing our fear is one way of growing and being a better version of ourselves. Personally, I love the idea of trying new things because I find it very exciting and it’s my way of understanding life. I didn’t say we need to experience everything that other people have already undergone. We all just have to decide what we think will help us find our true selves and what will make us truly happy instead of settling for less.

I believe that we accept the things we think we deserve. Not only when it comes to love but also career and passion. That’s why holding back from embracing good things in our lives is not a good idea. Whatever it is that stopping you from reaching your dreams, it may be a lack of motivation or fear, fight it. Don’t let your weak side overflow when you have a choice to focus on your strength and start believing that you can do it.

It’s a waste of time

When you settle for less, the amount of time that you should be working on your dreams is getting lesser. If you stay in your “comfortable” state rather than do what you love, then you better start thinking twice. This may be a boring job, a toxic relationship and a loss of passion. Don’t wait for another month or year to get out of your comfort zone because the clock is ticking and you shouldn’t be wasting it.

You’ll feel regretful

The saddest part when you stay on things or situations that you think you deserve yet you still have an option to make it better is that being regretful. You’ll begin to question yourself about why and how did you end up in that situation. It’s worst in the feeling when there’s no other person to blame but yourself on how on earth did this happen to you and all. So, if you want to avoid it from happening to you, don’t be contented when there’s another way for you to get what you want in life.

It ruins relationships

We all have ideal relationships with our family, friends and even significant others. Although you might be thinking that what you have right now is better than nothing, there will always be a place in your mind and heart that looks for what you really want. You can work on it rather than settle for what you have and be miserable in the end. Remember, you have a choice, either you leave for your well-being or stay and try to make it work.

You’ll always think about what-ifs

You’re aware of what your dreams are. Yet, you still choose to stay on what you think fate has given you and try to forget about your passion and goals in life. If you’re reading this, this is a sign for you to do what you love. Don’t let yourself stay curious about what could have been if you try to change your course and move to something better you think you deserve. Don’t make space for “what ifs” in your life because it’s not what life should be all about.

Thank you so much for reading!


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2 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Settle For Less

  1. Well hello neighbour (I’m from Malaysia)! Yeah, sometimes not settling for less means pushing yourself harder, and that can be a painful step for many to take. Love your reasons here. Thanks for sharing, Danielle!

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