Make Your Own Timeline

Have you tried to make your own timeline? I was thinking about making one last night and it made me excited. I searched on Google how to make one but I find their ways a little complicated and technical. Haha. So, I tried to find somewhere else like on Pinterest. And of course, it didn’t fail me! Not even once. I love how this app inspires me to be creative and do something remarkable.

I find it fun and dreamy when you make your own timeline because it allows you to trip down memory lane. Some memories will bring us dismay and also joy while reminiscing from our pasts. I feel a little regretful for not creating it in my younger days. So when people ask me why am I keeping a journal, I tell them that it helps me to stay on track. And allows me to recall some events in my life that I don’t find meaningful in the present but might be in the future.

When you begin to make your own timeline, I’m sure that you’ll have at least one memory from the pandemic – it can be a good or a bad one. In my experience, it’s a sad memory. My father passed away the year 2019, the same year when the pandemic started. Since then, I realized how this pandemic changed the way I see things. That was one of the lowest moments in my life. Aside from getting depressed and cutting my communications to all of my friends in every phase of life.

I hope this idea would help you look back and see the small and big wins you made in life. It’s one way of appreciating all your efforts and makes you more grateful for all the blessings you have. Let’s make our timeline soon!

Thank you for reading! 


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