5 Things That I Promise To Myself

It’s my birth month, everyone! I’m turning 28 this year and I feel kind of excited about the things that I’m about to experience soon. Some people think that at this age, I should already have my own family, house, and comfortable life. Well, plot twist! I don’t have any of those things YET. I’m still in working progress and I don’t like being told what I should and shouldn’t be at any stage of my life. I enjoy being single. Haha.

I wrote this article as my short-list of New Year’s Resolution this coming 2023. And every time I visit my blog, I wanted to be reminded of how I’ve changed my mindset and become more mature in life.

As I looked back to the old me, I admit that I’ve made a lot of wrong decisions. Sometimes, I feel upset about me settling for something that I don’t feel happy to be in. And be with someone who didn’t see my worth. Or try to fit in with people that I didn’t even feel the vibes so I won’t feel left out.

Here are the top 5 things that I promise to myself as I turn to another chapter of my life journey.

  1. I will no longer settle for less.

The worst kind of feeling is not being able to feel your worth from the person you love. I wasn’t aware or I didn’t want to admit to myself that I was once in a not-sure-what-are-we kind of relationship. Until I found myself crying while doing laundry because I have work the next day. And I don’t have anything to wear because I spent my day off with a narcissistic and love-bomber guy. I’d never been into any type of relationship back then so I didn’t know that it was the term for that. It was toxic and very traumatic but thanks to him! I became more careful with the people I choose to be in my life. There’s someone out there who can make me feel loved, important and a diamond in the rough. This is one of the greatest things that I promise to myself.

  1. I will try to make wise decisions.

I’m the type of person who rushes when making decisions without considering the other side of things. What would be the outcome if I do this or that… Will it benefit me and won’t affect other people? I was so self-centered and I learned my lesson when I realized that I can lessen my mistakes by being wise with my decisions and actions. I don’t want to experience bad things anymore just because I’m being careless. It’s time to think and act like a real adult.

  1. I will depend on myself as much as possible.

I love the idea of being independent. You know, manage my finances, bills, business, etc. The situation that I’m in right now is the opposite of how I want to be but it’s okay. I still live with my mom and she’s the one who pays the bills and buys our daily needs while I’m her maid. Haha. In exchange, I do the household chores for her while I’m trying to make my business profitable. I don’t ask for money from her but I borrow it. Which means I will pay her back as soon as I make money. That’s why I’m being more careful now when it comes to handling money. And as soon as my business boom, I will start prioritizing my independence.

  1. I will no longer care about what other people say about me.

I was once so paranoid about what other people thought about me and how they see me as a person. But knowing that we can’t please everybody, I started to feel more comfortable about myself. I don’t want people and society to rule my life and I won’t let them do that as well. I don’t know how long am I going to live in this world so why waste my time caring about other people’s ideas about me?

  1. I will protect my mental being no matter what.

This is one of my top priorities in life – to protect my mental health. These days, if you think too much about everything, there’s a huge chance that you’ll lose your mind. We can’t solve all of the problems in this world and some things are meant to be unknown. I promise myself that I will only feed my mind with good and beautiful things because they’re all worth keeping and remembering when we get old. I want my golden days full of happiness and just positivity.

Thank you so much for reading!


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