I’m Protecting My Space

As I write this, the rain’s noise is what I’m only hearing. I feel comfortable and confident with my decisions in life these days so I decided to share some of my thoughts today. I’m not as open as I used to be about what I really feel with people around me that’s why I post them here on my blog instead of suppressing them. I’m sure some of them would read this post and hopefully, they would understand.

I managed to cut ties with some people who are close to me. I have reasons and they are valid. I’m protecting my space now. I feel that it’s getting toxic being in a relationship (not romantically) with people who don’t bring me peace of mind when I catch up with them. I’m aware that I shouldn’t be feeling this way when all they want to know is if I’m doing okay in life. Yet, I feel the opposite of it when they check on me.

We grow up, meet new people, experience lots of things and think more broadly. And letting go of things and people in our lives to make space for new ones are inevitable, I guess. It’s a sad thought but it’s a reality of life. We could just treasure those good memories and experiences we had with them but not them anymore. Sooner or later, we will go on different paths.

Have you ever experienced this kind of moment in your life as well? How does it feel? Does it make you feel sad, happy, or relieved? Share your thoughts in the comments. I would love to hear your thoughts about it.

Thank you so much for reading!


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