The Meaning of Life

I’m currently reading this book called Four Hours Workweek by Timothy Ferriss and this line made me want to write about my current situation:

“Most people will choose unhappiness over uncertainty.”

This line made me reminisce about my past situation today. After I graduated from college, I was so eager to find a job because I thought having money will bring me happiness. I worked hard for a couple of months but made a decision one day to leave my job. I had a chance to go abroad and tried teaching. Yet, the idea didn’t bring excitement to me so after a month, I went back to my country and worked the same job I had the first time I worked. I know, I was reckless. I was still in my early 20’s that time and I was already looking for something that I would be willing to do for the rest of my life. My real purpose. I was craving something that will genuinely bring me happiness.

I’ve worked for 4 companies in two years and the longest time I’ve stayed in one of them was 8 months. I easily get bored and I’m not a fan of rules. I want to do whatever I want on my terms but how am I supposed to earn money if I don’t work? I decided to go home and stay with my parents year 2018. I worked as a content writer for an IT company and after 5 months, I had to leave because there were no more clients who needed our service. Within that period, I was able to help my Mom save and get our home repaired. I learned how to prioritize more important things that aren’t.

After a month of being unemployed, I asked my Mom to help me open a small business (a sari-sari store). It’s a small convenience store here in the Philippines where you can start with a small capital and just by your home. It was okay at first. We were able to save and bring back the capital we use when we started. After two years, we decided to close it since our neighbor decided to open one. I tried reloading business, baking pastries, and even answering surveys online. Within that period, I didn’t stop looking for another way to make and earn money. Because I know to myself I shouldn’t stop until I found that one thing I’m happy to do while making money out of it.

I’m in my late 20’s today and I’m proud to say that with all those experiences I’ve encountered, I became stronger, more patient, and more passionate about what I’m doing today. I may not yet have so much money in my bank account right now, but I know it will come soon. I’m manifesting it now than running after it.

The real meaning of life can be found in taking risks. But I’m not encouraging you to be irresponsible with your decisions and actions like me. All of my decisions in life didn’t affect anybody that’s why I was so confident at that time. Evaluate your situation and make sure you won’t regret any of your actions after. Good luck!

Thank you so much for reading!


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