First Day of Being 28

It’s official! I’m already 28 years old today! I woke up with greetings from my loved ones. I’m not going to have a celebration this year because one, I don’t want to spend money that I don’t have yet just for my birthday. It will pass like other days. Two, my friends and family are all busy so even if I planned to have a huge celebration, no one will be able to come. And three, I prefer to celebrate it in peace.

As I typed this, I’m done doing some of my tasks. Laundry, dishes, feeding the pets, and cleaning the house. I already took a shower at 8 am. I’m still thinking about what should I eat for brunch or I’ll just wait until my Mom gets home. I’ll just have juice and water this morning and eat a proper meal for dinner later.

If you ask me what would be my birthday wish this year, I would say, to be more focused on my goals in life. Because lately, I see myself thinking too deeply about the future. Sometimes about the past. What should’ve been and could’ve been kind of things. I’m being too hard on myself these days that I don’t notice how it affects the way I think now. I wish to be more present and appreciate what I have right now.

To those who celebrate their birthdays with me, what are your wishes for yourselves? I would love to read your comments! Happy birthday to us!

Thank you so much for reading!


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4 thoughts on “First Day of Being 28

  1. Happy birthday, Danielle! It’s great that you’re still on top of your daily tasks despite it being your birthday. And I second that thought about not not being too hard on yourself, because you still have many many more years ahead of you. Have a great one!

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