Deciding Where I Want To Be

I suddenly feel the urge to make a list of things I want to achieve for this coming year 2023 after I read a very inspiring story of success. Looking back, I’ve never had a list of specific things I wanted to reach yearly. Once, we had this project in college where we made a scrapbook of goals we want to have 5 years after graduation. I can still remember some of the things I put there – have my own house, go travel, have savings… common things that most of us wanted to have. It’s been 7 years now since I graduated from college and I haven’t got any of those things I put in that scrapbook. Surprisingly, I don’t feel about it. 

We all have our own goals. We all want to have good things in life but when and how are we going to achieve them is a different story. The timing and setbacks are what make our plans delayed. It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Yet, if we look back, those challenges we’ve faced are what made us who we are today. There is so much uncertainty in life and we can’t always make the right choice. Sometimes, we just have to endure the pain of failure not because we chose to but because life wants us to learn something from it.

Today, I realized that being in control of my life should be my top priority from now on. I should be the driver and not other people. I hated myself for allowing other people’s opinions and successes to take over me. It’s not yet too late to take a break and see things from different and positive perspectives. I’m done being reckless when making decisions and I want to see the people that I love happy for me. There are so many good things that I want to offer, give and share with the world. I’m ready for my success. Cheers!

What makes you feel motivated and alive in life? Share some of your thoughts! I would love to read them in the comments section.

Thank you so much for reading!


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