My New Year’s Resolutions 2023

Two days after the year 2022 officially ended and I want to share with you my New Year’s Resolutions 2023. I wasn’t planning to make one but for some reason, I had the urge to write them. I guess I have to create a reminder for myself of the things I wanted to attain this year.

I remember posting about 5 things that I promise to myself and it’s way different from my New Year’s Resolution 2023. It’s mostly about my past experiences and what I should’ve done before. It’s funny that we benefit something from experiencing things, whether they’re good or bad experiences. I guess that’s how life teaches us. It’s just fascinating how it changes people’s identities. 

Here are my New Year’s Resolutions 2023:

1. Be consistent.

One of my New Year’s Resolutions 2023 is to be persistent. If you’ve been following my blogging journey, you may have noticed how inconsistent I was in posting. I didn’t honor my word about updating you with my weight gain journey, little project, etc and it makes me sad. My words don’t align with my actions and I’m aware now how it can deteriorate me in the future. If I don’t change this attitude, I’m 100% that I won’t be in a better place. That’s why this year, I’m going to discipline myself to be more consistent.

2. Stay focused.

I’ll start by not telling you that I easily get distracted. I included this in my New Year’s Resolutions 2023 because I want to achieve my goals by staying focused. I want to concentrate on what makes my life better than where I am now. There are so many things that I want to bring about this year and if I’m always allowing myself to get distracted, I’m delaying or won’t be reaching my success. I also put this on my vision board to remind me that I have goals to accomplish.

3. Keep busy.

When I say keep busy, it means being productive as well. Doing things that wouldn’t benefit my future like scrolling on my phone for the whole day, for instance, isn’t a productive one. That’s why I’m keeping a to-do list notebook so I can track my daily routine. I’m not only busy but also, focused and steady with my tasks every day.

4. Be more patient.

These days, I’m proud of myself for allowing things to flow on their own. My patience got tripled for some reason. I would say that reading self-help and motivational books changed the way I think and see things from different perspectives. It thought me that I don’t have to let things flow like water. Abundance will find its way to me and I just have to stay positive, think, and do good things.

My New Year’s Resolution 2023 isn’t as long as some of yours but they have a huge impact on my life if I manage to practice them. I want mine to be a long-term thing. How about you? Have you made one this year? 

Thank you so much for reading!


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