2 of 365: A Chill and Productive Day

I opened my eyes this morning feeling grateful for waking up again. I made my bed and gathered my laptop, tumbler, and journal. I tied my hair and went downstairs to make food for my pets. It’s been a week now since I skipped drinking something hot in the morning and just eat a heavy breakfast. The weather this morning was gloomy and tonight, the sky cried heavily.

I spent some of my mornings in the garden. I swept the dry leaves and arranged some plants. When I was done, I cooked rice and while waiting for it to get cooked, I cleaned the house and washed the dishes.

I spent the rest of my morning working on something with my phone and when I got tired, I napped. I woke up at 2 pm and took a shower. I fed my pets again around 3 pm and wrote a post for my blog.

Dinner time at 5:30 pm while watching the news. I washed the dishes after and brushed my teeth. I spent the rest of my night reading and fell asleep at 10 pm.

The second day of my January 2023 was a chill and productive day. How about yours?

Thank you so much for reading!


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