The Opposite of the Other Day

Geez. Today is the opposite of the other day – busy and still productive. I woke up a little early than usual and began cleaning the mess my pets made on the balcony. They ruined the pillow bed I gave them last night. This isn’t new to me and it’s fine. They’re part of the family and being their person, they test my patience, which benefits me. My pets are one of the reasons why I learned to handle my emotions so well.

It’s raining again. Well, what’s new with the climate in the Philippines? Climate change is getting worse. We don’t usually experience it from December until January but it’s different now. I delay doing laundry every time it rains.

I’ve been sitting for too long now and I’m experiencing back pain as I type this post. I got busy working on my business while watching The 3 Idiots. I’ve seen this movie in college and wrote a reflection about it. It still never fails to make me laugh and cry.

Thank you so much for reading!


A Lazy Rainy Sunday

One Day At A Time


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