A Few More Steps To Go

3 months ago, I did some manifestation about shifting my current situation. I looked back on my past mistakes and decisions that lead me to where I was last year. Today, I can tell how fast-moving I am to where I want to be.

My goals this time are created out of inspiration. I never wake up feeling heavy, uninspired, and lacking the motivation to start my day. My training schedule may be exhausting for some but surprisingly, it never makes me feel that way unlike with my co-trainees. They rant about how difficult the training is and they are starting to feel lazy to continue with their journey. I just listen to them and go home without bringing any of them with me. I’m done with toxicity and negativity.

I’m beginning to prepare for something that will contribute to my goals. The days pass by so fast and the next thing I knew, I’m already done with my training. Hopefully, my journey will still be as smooth as when I started.

Thank you so much for reading!


Deciding Where I Want To Be

Manifesting Good Things


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