What A Wonderful Day

I woke up this morning feeling well-rested and I’ve been feeling this way since the 3rd week of January this year. Maybe because I love what I do since that day. I also noticed that I don’t easily get sick for the past 3 months which is also a good thing. Today is a wonderful … Continue reading What A Wonderful Day

I Don’t Share my Problems Anymore

Sharing problems and complaining about how bad our situation in life right now won’t solve any of it. We don’t know what other people think about us. Some may feel happy that we are suffering and others console us but they’re also dealing with their issues in life. Sometimes, it makes us feel lighter because … Continue reading I Don’t Share my Problems Anymore

Sudden Change of Routine

It’s been almost a week since the last time I posted here on my blog because I got busy and there’s a sudden change in my routine. I still wake up early to do my usual tasks during the day. I’m adjusting and maximizing my time more in training, house chores, and business. Yes, I’m … Continue reading Sudden Change of Routine

Things I Look Forward Seeing Every Day

Have you ever gotten excited to wake up and start your day feeling good? I do. There are things that I look forward to seeing every day that makes me feel grateful. As I grew older, the more I realized how little things matter in my life. I easily get distracted by bigger things and … Continue reading Things I Look Forward Seeing Every Day

Guess Who Is Being Consistent

It’s been 10 days now (or now in some areas) since the year 2023 started and I’m pleased to tell you that I’m being consistent now in most things that I do. I made a commitment to myself last year that I will be more disciplined for me to reach my goals based on the … Continue reading Guess Who Is Being Consistent