Are They “The One” For You?

Being in love with the right person is one of the greatest things that we can experience in life. Just by watching chick flicks and romantic movies or series, you’ll feel it. We imagine being in giddy situations where everything seems perfect. Yet, it’s not always the case for some of us. When it comes … Continue reading Are They “The One” For You?

Small Things That Will Make You Happy 2021

I decided to rewrite the post that I made a couple of months ago about the things that make me happy. Because every day, I have a lot of realization in life that adds more to my list. I’m typing this while eating candy-coated milk chocolate. Another little thing that makes me feel happy. Today, … Continue reading Small Things That Will Make You Happy 2021

Short Hair, Don’t Care

Yes, you read it right. I just got a haircut last night. It was a sudden decision while I was looking in the mirror. I felt that working out isn't enough to change the way I look. So, I asked my mom to cut my hair to shoulder length. I have no regrets unlike other … Continue reading Short Hair, Don’t Care

Let’s Make It Short But Sweet

Happy 1st of July! I'm in the mood to update my blog so here I am again. It's been two weeks since I last updated here. Seeing how little attention I give to my blog by not updating for so long makes me sad. But knowing the reason behind that makes me feel relieved in … Continue reading Let’s Make It Short But Sweet

When Finding The Right One

Everyone wants to find true love. Some are willing to take chances even if there’s a huge probability of getting hurt in the end. Some are lucky enough not to experience heartaches on their journey of finding the right one. A few days ago, I had a heart-to-heart talk with someone about this topic. We … Continue reading When Finding The Right One

Another Half of The Year Has Passed

It’s the 16th of June today. As I glance back on the previous months of my year, a lot of things had happened. It was a roller coaster ride of emotion where drama, misunderstanding, and heartaches were the highlight of the first three months of 2021. January where my sense of contentment became stronger. I … Continue reading Another Half of The Year Has Passed

5 Habits Why People Don’t Worry About The Future

Most of us have this habit of fussing about the things that might happen the next day, week, month or year. I don't say that it's bad to make plans ahead. But some people don't worry about the future because it can damage the present, which makes a lot of sense. Worrying too much is … Continue reading 5 Habits Why People Don’t Worry About The Future

5 Reasons Why You Don’t Settle For Less than You Deserve

Let’s say you got a job, started a business or your single status now turned to in a relationship. Everything seems right at first but as time pass by, you’re beginning to doubt yourself, the career you have right now as well as the person you’re with. There are so many things going on in … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why You Don’t Settle For Less than You Deserve

Simple Ways To Live A Happy Life

With all the hardship that is happening around us, it's impossible to always look on the brighter side of it. Sometimes, we just want to stay inside our room, let be absorbed by the darkness and never deal with any more dilemmas that outside can bring us. However, losing hope is a sign of defeat. … Continue reading Simple Ways To Live A Happy Life