A Summary of My Year 2022

A few more hours to go and it’s already the year 2023. I honestly can’t feel excitement as I type this post. Maybe when I wake up tomorrow, that’s the only time I can feel that it’s another clean slate for all of us to be filled with memories. I’ve been thinking since last night … Continue reading A Summary of My Year 2022

A Cold Last Week of December 2022

We’ve been experiencing light rain from the morning of Christmas Eve until today. I have checked the weather forecast for tomorrow and still, a rainy day. This weather doesn’t make me feel guilty about napping after eating lunch and having coffee every time I wake up. Staying at home is probably the best way to … Continue reading A Cold Last Week of December 2022

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Compare Yourself to Others

I just received some great news yesterday. Two of my cousins are about to go on different journeys - building a family and getting married. I feel so happy for them and at the same time, a little sad for myself. I can’t help but compare myself to other people. I wrote a couple of … Continue reading Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Compare Yourself to Others

Unconditional Love From Having Pets

Do you have pets? Are you considering adopting or buying one? Before you make a decision, hopefully, you have already read this post, and could help you come up with whether you want one or not. I currently have 5 dogs and 4 cats. Yes, it’s a challenge to take care of them every day. … Continue reading Unconditional Love From Having Pets

The Meaning of Life

I’m currently reading this book called Four Hours Workweek by Timothy Ferriss and this line made me want to write about my current situation: “Most people will choose unhappiness over uncertainty.” This line made me reminisce about my past situation today. After I graduated from college, I was so eager to find a job because … Continue reading The Meaning of Life