I Am Grateful

I just got my new training schedule until the end of March and that’s the reason why I am able to make a post today. Since the 19th of January this year, my mornings are occupied, and squeezing some time to update here isn’t possible. Going out, encountering or experiencing new things, and meeting different … Continue reading I Am Grateful

A Cold Last Week of December 2022

We’ve been experiencing light rain from the morning of Christmas Eve until today. I have checked the weather forecast for tomorrow and still, a rainy day. This weather doesn’t make me feel guilty about napping after eating lunch and having coffee every time I wake up. Staying at home is probably the best way to … Continue reading A Cold Last Week of December 2022

Wake Me Up When September Ends

The month of September is about to end and obviously, I didn't plan to just sleep for this whole month and wait for someone to wake me up when it ends. As you may know, my title is from a song from the early 2000s which I haven't heard since I was in high school. … Continue reading Wake Me Up When September Ends