I Don’t Share my Problems Anymore

Sharing problems and complaining about how bad our situation in life right now won’t solve any of it. We don’t know what other people think about us. Some may feel happy that we are suffering and others console us but they’re also dealing with their issues in life. Sometimes, it makes us feel lighter because … Continue reading I Don’t Share my Problems Anymore

Guess Who Is Being Consistent

It’s been 10 days now (or now in some areas) since the year 2023 started and I’m pleased to tell you that I’m being consistent now in most things that I do. I made a commitment to myself last year that I will be more disciplined for me to reach my goals based on the … Continue reading Guess Who Is Being Consistent

The Opposite of the Other Day

Geez. Today is the opposite of the other day - busy and still productive. I woke up a little early than usual and began cleaning the mess my pets made on the balcony. They ruined the pillow bed I gave them last night. This isn’t new to me and it’s fine. They’re part of the … Continue reading The Opposite of the Other Day

My New Year’s Resolutions 2023

Two days after the year 2022 officially ended and I want to share with you my New Year’s Resolutions 2023. I wasn’t planning to make one but for some reason, I had the urge to write them. I guess I have to create a reminder for myself of the things I wanted to attain this … Continue reading My New Year’s Resolutions 2023

1 of 365: How I Spent My First Day of the Year 2023

5:15 am - The time I woke up this morning. I checked my phone and closed my eyes for a few more minutes. I slept late last night, 10 minutes before midnight. I only had 5 hours of sleep but I felt okay. 5:40 am - When I decided to get up. I made my … Continue reading 1 of 365: How I Spent My First Day of the Year 2023

RealTalk. Welcome Back to Life, Danielle!

Am I the only one who gets annoyed when people ask me if I have a job now? If not, then you can relate to this article. I find it insulting when people don't mind their businesses. You can ask someone what's keeping them busy instead of asking if they have work or none rather. … Continue reading RealTalk. Welcome Back to Life, Danielle!

I Recommend This Book

Have you ever regretted taking the paths you’ve taken? Like, when you think about your past, you begin to imagine what kind of life will you have right now. Would you be successful or fail? Would you be happily married, divorced, widowed, or still single? Would you have become a doctor, teacher, regular employee, or … Continue reading I Recommend This Book