Don’t Try Too Hard

Trying too much to be in someone else's life without their willingness to embrace us is such a pathetic thing to do. The same idea when we try so hard to impress other people so we can receive praise from them. And aim for overnight success by tiring ourselves to death. I, myself, sometimes guilty … Continue reading Don’t Try Too Hard

Is Lying Different From Not Telling?

I've been thinking a lot about this question these past few days and it bothers me in a good kind of way. Reasoning with my thoughts exercises my brain and it also allows me to think much broader aspects. We all have different ways of expressing ourselves to others about something and knowing your thoughts … Continue reading Is Lying Different From Not Telling?

Today’s Generation Is The Strongest

I heard a lot of things in the news about how this pandemic affects people's businesses, careers and even how children will learn without going to schools. It is very challenging for all the leaders of the countries who get affected by this virus since no expected that it'll get worst like this. In this post, I … Continue reading Today’s Generation Is The Strongest

Things You Do That Harm Your Self Without Realizing It

There are so many things we keep on doing that we don't realize how destructive it can be to ourselves. Sometimes, we neglect and even ignore those signs saying that we shouldn't do it but we still continue doing it because we thought we don't have other options. Based on my own experience, I can … Continue reading Things You Do That Harm Your Self Without Realizing It

Tips on How to Control Your Anger

Controlling our anger takes a lot of effort especially when we are in some situations that we cannot handle too. I as well are struggling to control my emotion when I get mad about something or to someone. Sometimes, I say things that I don't really mean because my anger tends to overpower me which … Continue reading Tips on How to Control Your Anger