Things I Look Forward Seeing Every Day

Have you ever gotten excited to wake up and start your day feeling good? I do. There are things that I look forward to seeing every day that makes me feel grateful. As I grew older, the more I realized how little things matter in my life. I easily get distracted by bigger things and … Continue reading Things I Look Forward Seeing Every Day

The Advantages Of Living With Your Parents Being An Adult

Can you still remember the days where you can’t wait to leave home, get a job and do whatever you want in life without your parents’ approval? Mine, it feels like it was just yesterday. And every time I looked back on those times, I just chuckle and sigh. Most of you probably are already … Continue reading The Advantages Of Living With Your Parents Being An Adult

My Not So Special Christmas Day

It's been a while since I made an update here on my blog and honestly, I miss it! Lately, I'm busy with the project that I mentioned before and I still can't tell if it's working well or not, it's too early to say something about that. Anyway, let me share with you how I'm … Continue reading My Not So Special Christmas Day

Another Normal Day

I slept last night at around 7 pm and I think that was the reason why I woke up at 10 pm, I just went back to sleep again. And again, I woke up at 1 am today and decided to scroll a few minutes on my Facebook newsfeed when suddenly, one of my friends … Continue reading Another Normal Day

Family Matters In The End

We all have a different interpretation of the word 'family' but what I'm sure of is that it is important in a lot of sense. Family is where we all start to learn so many things about life. It is where we begin to build our confidence, express our emotions and see our value as … Continue reading Family Matters In The End

Self Reminder: Accept and Move On

Earlier this week, I woke up one morning feeling so motivated and optimistic and start thinking that it'll be a good day ahead of me. I've decided to go back to my old routine, focus on my goals, be productive and move forward. Our family is still grieving yet we can't stay like this forever. … Continue reading Self Reminder: Accept and Move On

What Would You Choose?

A couple of days ago, I asked a random question to my Mom while we were eating dinner, which I do most of the time. My question was, ‘would you rather be with someone who’s successful but doesn’t have time for you or someone who’s not that successful but gives all of his time for … Continue reading What Would You Choose?

Things I Wish I Knew in My Early 20’s

Figuring things out all by myself isn’t easy and I know, most of us are afraid of the unknown. However, that’s where the thrill exists. Life would be boring if we’re already aware of what's going to happen next. Just like when we watch movies, there’s no more excitement when the next scenes are predictable. … Continue reading Things I Wish I Knew in My Early 20’s

Why Knowing The Truth Hurts

I was listening to the radio earlier today when this question popped up into my mind. I'm not sure why, yet it made me think that this is an interesting topic to post on my blog. Have you ever wonder as well why does finding the truth behind something is painful? In some situations, letting … Continue reading Why Knowing The Truth Hurts