Can’t Say No To My Mom

As I write this post, I'm already lying in bed while listening to music. It's been a while since the last time I listen to any songs here on my playlist. It's just past 9:00 pm here and I should be sleeping by now but I took a nap at 4:00 pm and woke up … Continue reading Can’t Say No To My Mom

Opportunities To Grab In This Pandemic

Maybe most of us complain about how annoying this pandemic does to our plans, work and relationship. We make negative things as the center of our attention and didn't even manage to see the good opportunities that it can bring to us. This morning, I had this thought about how can I stay productive and optimistic even I still can't do what … Continue reading Opportunities To Grab In This Pandemic

Why I Have Decided To Take A Break

Earlier today, while I was writing in my journal, my mind got blank in a split second. By that time, I know something is wrong with me. Yes, I’m sick since yesterday but what I worry about is my wholeness. I don't know what makes me feel sad, irritated, always on the verge of sobbing … Continue reading Why I Have Decided To Take A Break

What Silence Means To Me

They say that not hearing anything from someone is already a message. Well, I guess that’s true. We all have something to say about everything and when we suddenly become silent, other people assume that something is wrong. But what does silence truly mean? In my point of view, silence means a lot. It can … Continue reading What Silence Means To Me

Why Knowing The Truth Hurts

I was listening to the radio earlier today when this question popped up into my mind. I'm not sure why, yet it made me think that this is an interesting topic to post on my blog. Have you ever wonder as well why does finding the truth behind something is painful? In some situations, letting … Continue reading Why Knowing The Truth Hurts

Why Do We Have To Lie

Have you ever wonder why people lie? I always ask myself why do we lie when we can all be honest in everything we say and do. I admit that I lied too but most of them were just white lies. But whether it’s a big or small act of dishonesty, it doesn’t matter. The … Continue reading Why Do We Have To Lie

Everything Happens for A Reason

There’s no such thing as a coincidence. I always believe that everything happens for a reason. I don’t blame myself or anybody with my loss, sadness and despair. There are maybe some days that I question my self how I ended up with some unfortunate circumstances but I think it’s normal. My best friend called … Continue reading Everything Happens for A Reason

Why It’s Best to Shut People Out (Sometimes)

One of the best ways to keep us positive and happy in life is probably by shutting people out. I know it’s not that easy to do especially if the person we want to get away from is close to our hearts. But for the sake of our well-being, it’s good for us to avoid … Continue reading Why It’s Best to Shut People Out (Sometimes)

How This Pandemic Changed The Way I See Things

Earlier today, the government has decided to lift the quarantine period in my place on the 16th of May. It means that people are already allowed to travel freely without the use of a quarantined pass. I can’t say that we can go back to our normal lives because there is still no cure for … Continue reading How This Pandemic Changed The Way I See Things