Signs That You’re On The Right Path

They say that you'll know you're on the right path when you feel so sure and right about something. At first, I'm not really certain what do they mean by that but when I started to feel so anxious about my future and where will life will take me, that's where I started to realize … Continue reading Signs That You’re On The Right Path

Today’s Generation Is The Strongest

I heard a lot of things in the news about how this pandemic affects people's businesses, careers and even how children will learn without going to schools. It is very challenging for all the leaders of the countries who get affected by this virus since no expected that it'll get worst like this. In this post, I … Continue reading Today’s Generation Is The Strongest

A Little Push Will Do

I woke up this morning with my SO's text message telling me that he's starting to hate his job. That was the first time that he complained about it because every time I ask him about his day at work, he always says it's fine. I don't know if it's bad for me to feel this way … Continue reading A Little Push Will Do

The Power of Celebrating Small Victories

I always get excited to start my day knowing that I'll be able to finish most of the tasks I've written down the night before on my to-do list. Although there are some days that I get disappointed with myself, I try to give more attention to what makes me happy and feel like a … Continue reading The Power of Celebrating Small Victories

Why It’s Okay to Change Your Goals Every Now and Then

When I was a kid, I don't have a clear vision of what I truly wanted to be when I grow up. Well, I had a huge interest in arts but as times go by, along with the change of my surrounding, my heart goes with it too. Although I haven't completely forgotten the idea … Continue reading Why It’s Okay to Change Your Goals Every Now and Then

Good Things Are On Its Way

It's tough to stay positive especially in times like this where each of us is adjusting with our daily lives. Some changed their working places from offices to homes, shifted careers without any plan of doing it in the first place and struggle to keep up with saving money. Yet, no matter what we're facing right … Continue reading Good Things Are On Its Way

We Should All Be Grateful No Matter What

Being envious of other people's success can be draining to oneself. We tend to lose our focus on what we like to do, shift to others’ achievements and try to reach them and worst, be like them. And without realizing it, we’re already lost, stress and unhappy in our own lives. Focusing on the things … Continue reading We Should All Be Grateful No Matter What

It’s Never Too Late

While I’m in a hermit mode, I spend more time thinking about many things lately. One of those is about doing some things that I still haven’t experience. Some of you might already have a lot of stories of adventures to tell and I’m happy for you! Although sometimes, I feel like I’m way too … Continue reading It’s Never Too Late

Reasons Why Making Plans Ahead Matters

I mentioned in my post before that I’m keeping a journal and the reasons behind it. I’m the kind of person who wants to make sure that everything that I do will contribute to my future. Wasting time is what I’m always avoiding because obviously, it won’t give me any good. I do take a … Continue reading Reasons Why Making Plans Ahead Matters

Change the Strategy, Not the Goal

Let’s say that we are in the climax part of our journey when suddenly, all the plans we made are slowing us down or worst, not working out. Probably most of us will just give up and start all over again without realizing that we just have to change something on how we do things. … Continue reading Change the Strategy, Not the Goal