It’s Never Too Late

While I’m in a hermit mode, I spend more time thinking about many things lately. One of those is about doing some things that I still haven’t experience. Some of you might already have a lot of stories of adventures to tell and I’m happy for you! Although sometimes, I feel like I’m way too … Continue reading It’s Never Too Late

Time Flies so Fast

It’s already half of the year and time flies so fast. I’m too busy to take a minute to look in the calendar and see what day is it. Sometimes, I wonder if it’s necessary because most of my routine is just the same. But I realized that it’s good too to track what day … Continue reading Time Flies so Fast

Why It’s Best to Shut Up When Angry

I'll be honest. I'm a short-tempered person. There were no days that I don't get pissed off, irritated and angry over simple things. My friends and family don't know why I get annoyed so easily and unfortunately, I, myself, don't have any idea too why I'm like this. I used to think that I probably … Continue reading Why It’s Best to Shut Up When Angry

Believe Me, You’ve Got This

I always make sure that every single day that I wake up, I’m in a good mood and ready to start my day with a smile on my face. Well, I know it’s not possible to happen yet I realized that if I shift my attention and mindset into much better ideas, it’ll definitely happen. … Continue reading Believe Me, You’ve Got This

Start Taking Care of Yourself First

We might be all very busy trying to survive in this toxic world by working our asses off and meeting other people’s expectations every single day. I know what it feels like being exhausted to do the job we don’t love, deal with people we really don't like, and try to be someone else that we’re … Continue reading Start Taking Care of Yourself First

Growing Up Having a Strong Mom

Along with me and my siblings growing, I saw my Mom becoming a strong woman too. I’m aware of what were the sacrifices she made for me and my siblings so we can grew up in the right way. She gave up her career when she got pregnant with my eldest sister and decided to … Continue reading Growing Up Having a Strong Mom

How Spending Time with Nature Can Add to Our Happiness

I know that most of us are probably already making plans about the activities that we’re going to do after this stressful situation we’re in. After all, we all deserve to relax, have fun and celebrate once this is all done. We should try to be optimistic and hopeful especially in times like this and … Continue reading How Spending Time with Nature Can Add to Our Happiness

The Act Of Motivating Others

It's nice to know that other people appreciate your effort to keep them motivated. I love to give beautiful and positive words to my family, friends, and special someone. Some may have struggled to do this at first but if you learn how to do it yourself, it'll be easier in the long run. Just … Continue reading The Act Of Motivating Others