A Little Update

It’s been a while, my WordPress readers! I’ve been quite busy these past weeks with my training. Some of you may just followed my blog recently (thank you!) and yes, I do miss updating here. I had and will have a hectic schedule these next few months and I’m a little excited about it. I’m … Continue reading A Little Update

Sudden Change of Routine

It’s been almost a week since the last time I posted here on my blog because I got busy and there’s a sudden change in my routine. I still wake up early to do my usual tasks during the day. I’m adjusting and maximizing my time more in training, house chores, and business. Yes, I’m … Continue reading Sudden Change of Routine

The Opposite of the Other Day

Geez. Today is the opposite of the other day - busy and still productive. I woke up a little early than usual and began cleaning the mess my pets made on the balcony. They ruined the pillow bed I gave them last night. This isn’t new to me and it’s fine. They’re part of the … Continue reading The Opposite of the Other Day

1 of 365: How I Spent My First Day of the Year 2023

5:15 am - The time I woke up this morning. I checked my phone and closed my eyes for a few more minutes. I slept late last night, 10 minutes before midnight. I only had 5 hours of sleep but I felt okay. 5:40 am - When I decided to get up. I made my … Continue reading 1 of 365: How I Spent My First Day of the Year 2023

The Meaning of Life

I’m currently reading this book called Four Hours Workweek by Timothy Ferriss and this line made me want to write about my current situation: “Most people will choose unhappiness over uncertainty.” This line made me reminisce about my past situation today. After I graduated from college, I was so eager to find a job because … Continue reading The Meaning of Life

RealTalk. Welcome Back to Life, Danielle!

Am I the only one who gets annoyed when people ask me if I have a job now? If not, then you can relate to this article. I find it insulting when people don't mind their businesses. You can ask someone what's keeping them busy instead of asking if they have work or none rather. … Continue reading RealTalk. Welcome Back to Life, Danielle!

We All Need To Learn How To Wait

"Patience is a virtue" is what I always remind myself whenever I feel like I am losing it. I admit that I was the kind of person who is impatient about everything. When I want something, I want it right away. And once I realized that it'll take me so much effort and hard work … Continue reading We All Need To Learn How To Wait

Why You Shouldn’t Settle For Less

When it comes to decision-making, some of you might just want to stay in your comfort zone. I understand how terrifying it can be to do something that is new for us. However, taking risks and facing our fear is one way of growing and being a better version of ourselves. Personally, I love the … Continue reading Why You Shouldn’t Settle For Less