Signs That You’re On The Right Path

They say that you'll know you're on the right path when you feel so sure and right about something. At first, I'm not really certain what do they mean by that but when I started to feel so anxious about my future and where will life will take me, that's where I started to realize … Continue reading Signs That You’re On The Right Path

A Little Push Will Do

I woke up this morning with my SO's text message telling me that he's starting to hate his job. That was the first time that he complained about it because every time I ask him about his day at work, he always says it's fine. I don't know if it's bad for me to feel this way … Continue reading A Little Push Will Do

Why It’s Hard to be an Adult?

There was a point in my childhood when I wished to become an adult right away. I saw back then that when I finally grew up and become more mature, I can already do, buy and even say whatever I want. I felt that being an adult was something that every kid wanted to be … Continue reading Why It’s Hard to be an Adult?

We Should All Be Grateful No Matter What

Being envious of other people's success can be draining to oneself. We tend to lose our focus on what we like to do, shift to others’ achievements and try to reach them and worst, be like them. And without realizing it, we’re already lost, stress and unhappy in our own lives. Focusing on the things … Continue reading We Should All Be Grateful No Matter What

Things I Wish I Knew in My Early 20’s

Figuring things out all by myself isn’t easy and I know, most of us are afraid of the unknown. However, that’s where the thrill exists. Life would be boring if we’re already aware of what's going to happen next. Just like when we watch movies, there’s no more excitement when the next scenes are predictable. … Continue reading Things I Wish I Knew in My Early 20’s

Looking Back In My Past

Looking back on my memory lane and reminiscing all the good and bad things that happen in my life makes me more appreciate the present. Sometimes it’s best to look back and tell ourselves that things in the past happened because they were meant to. I can still remember when I was a kid how … Continue reading Looking Back In My Past

What Traveling Alone Has Taught Me

Traveling nowadays has been a big deal for most of us. No matter how busy or hectic our schedules are, we always make sure to take some time to have a break and visit different places. Because we’re just human who also gets tired and needs to rest too. I was 22 when I experienced … Continue reading What Traveling Alone Has Taught Me