Goodbye, Facebook. Hello, Real World

And the day has come! Yes, today at exactly midnight, I'll already put my Facebook account in the trash (not literally, of course). I decided to delete it because of so many reasons. This is just my preference and don't worry, I'm not going to convince you to do the same. I have had this … Continue reading Goodbye, Facebook. Hello, Real World

Ways to Avoid Feeling Insecure

Feeling down sometimes is normal, however, being insecure about ourselves all the time isn't. In my own experience, there are some days that I feel I don't do well in my life. I doubt and ask myself if I made the right decisions but I often do my best to see the positive in everything. … Continue reading Ways to Avoid Feeling Insecure

Things You Do That Harm Your Self Without Realizing It

There are so many things we keep on doing that we don't realize how destructive it can be to ourselves. Sometimes, we neglect and even ignore those signs saying that we shouldn't do it but we still continue doing it because we thought we don't have other options. Based on my own experience, I can … Continue reading Things You Do That Harm Your Self Without Realizing It

Why Am I Keeping A Journal

Some of you might not feel like writing and recording all of the things you do every single day. Well, I used to be like you too but when I decided to try keeping a journal, it changed my life, for the better. One of the reasons why I keep a journal is that it … Continue reading Why Am I Keeping A Journal