Things I Wish I Knew in My Early 20’s

Figuring things out all by myself isn’t easy and I know, most of us are afraid of the unknown. However, that’s where the thrill exists. Life would be boring if we’re already aware of what's going to happen next. Just like when we watch movies, there’s no more excitement when the next scenes are predictable. … Continue reading Things I Wish I Knew in My Early 20’s

Looking Back In My Past

Looking back on my memory lane and reminiscing all the good and bad things that happen in my life makes me more appreciate the present. Sometimes it’s best to look back and tell ourselves that things in the past happened because they were meant to. I can still remember when I was a kid how … Continue reading Looking Back In My Past

Taking Risk Is Good For Us

Feeling afraid of the unknown or what’s going to happen next about everything is a natural feeling for all of us. I guess if each of us has a choice whether we better not have any idea about the future or find out everything before it happens, we’ll surely choose the latter. After I watched … Continue reading Taking Risk Is Good For Us