Life Lessons My Mother Told Me

I think most of us became who we are because of our parents, especially our mothers. In a typical family setup, the mother is always the one who stays home, prepare the food and take care of the kids. We may not see it when we were still young but as we grow older, we'll … Continue reading Life Lessons My Mother Told Me

Pasta For The First Time

Yesterday, we celebrated my Mom's 64th birthday. We were supposed to do it this coming weekend instead since she has work and usually gets home around 3 in the afternoon. However, since me and my sister are just working from home, we decided to drop by at the market after eating lunch to buy ingredients … Continue reading Pasta For The First Time

Growing Up Having a Strong Mom

Along with me and my siblings growing, I saw my Mom becoming a strong woman too. I’m aware of what were the sacrifices she made for me and my siblings so we can grew up in the right way. She gave up her career when she got pregnant with my eldest sister and decided to … Continue reading Growing Up Having a Strong Mom