Today’s Generation Is The Strongest

I heard a lot of things in the news about how this pandemic affects people's businesses, careers and even how children will learn without going to schools. It is very challenging for all the leaders of the countries who get affected by this virus since no expected that it'll get worst like this. In this post, I … Continue reading Today’s Generation Is The Strongest

Let’s Talk About Some Serious Stuff

I hate talking about politics and religions because I'm aware that everyone has something to say and willing to end up with arguments about it. But my today's post is not exactly about those two things. This is about what this pandemic brought to the world, how it makes me more afraid than I am … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Some Serious Stuff

How This Pandemic Changed The Way I See Things

Earlier today, the government has decided to lift the quarantine period in my place on the 16th of May. It means that people are already allowed to travel freely without the use of a quarantined pass. I can’t say that we can go back to our normal lives because there is still no cure for … Continue reading How This Pandemic Changed The Way I See Things