Things To Do When You Miss Someone

Whether you are in a long-distance relationship or just missing someone very close to your heart, it can be very difficult to deal with especially if they're no longer out of reach forever. Whatever the reasons it may be, you're no longer on good terms with them, they moved away or passed away and longing for their … Continue reading Things To Do When You Miss Someone

Looking Back In My Past

Looking back on my memory lane and reminiscing all the good and bad things that happen in my life makes me more appreciate the present. Sometimes it’s best to look back and tell ourselves that things in the past happened because they were meant to. I can still remember when I was a kid how … Continue reading Looking Back In My Past

Lessons I’ve Learned from My Past

In every phase of our lives, we can't avoid meeting new people. They may become our friends or enemies, but they've surely taught us good lessons in life. Some may have caused us pain, sadness or laughter and happiness, but there's always a reason behind all of it. There's a saying, "everything happens for a … Continue reading Lessons I’ve Learned from My Past