When Finding The Right One

Everyone wants to find true love. Some are willing to take chances even if there’s a huge probability of getting hurt in the end. Some are lucky enough not to experience heartaches on their journey of finding the right one. A few days ago, I had a heart-to-heart talk with someone about this topic. We … Continue reading When Finding The Right One

5 Habits Why People Don’t Worry About The Future

Most of us have this habit of fussing about the things that might happen the next day, week, month or year. I don't say that it's bad to make plans ahead. But some people don't worry about the future because it can damage the present, which makes a lot of sense. Worrying too much is … Continue reading 5 Habits Why People Don’t Worry About The Future

The Change Always Starts With You

Last two weeks ago, I found out my current body weight and the result made me so frustrated because I didn't gain that much in the last 5 years. I'm underweight even if I eat normally and do exercise from time to time. I guess my effort isn't enough. I have to work harder to … Continue reading The Change Always Starts With You

The Advantages Of Living With Your Parents Being An Adult

Can you still remember the days where you can’t wait to leave home, get a job and do whatever you want in life without your parents’ approval? Mine, it feels like it was just yesterday. And every time I looked back on those times, I just chuckle and sigh. Most of you probably are already … Continue reading The Advantages Of Living With Your Parents Being An Adult

I’m Figuratively Screaming Inside!

Hi, everybody! I'm back! The last time I made an update here was last year, the 25th of December, Christmas Day. I admit that I was trying to make myself busy doing something else since the day I stopped writing here and it took me a month or so to figure out that I don't … Continue reading I’m Figuratively Screaming Inside!

Good Things Are Just Around The Corner

It's tough to stay positive especially in times like this where each of us is adjusting with our daily lives. Some changed their working places from offices to homes, shifted careers without any plan of doing it in the first place and struggle to keep up with saving money. Yet, no matter what we're facing right … Continue reading Good Things Are Just Around The Corner

One Day At A Time

I woke up this morning feeling a bit blue. I didn't eat anything last night, just a glass of milk. Like the other days, I opened my eyes around 4 am and left a 'good morning' message to my SO. We haven't talked that much this week since we were both busy. I decided to … Continue reading One Day At A Time

Everything Is Going To Be Alright

The year 2020 is not yet over but I can say that I already learned a lot of things when it comes to family matters, friendship, career, relationship and in other aspects of life. This is probably the period where I encountered situations I thought I can't handle. Indeed, you can only figure it out … Continue reading Everything Is Going To Be Alright

The Kind Of Weekend I Need

Today is Saturday and it's my Mom's day-off again. The month of November flies so fast and we're already on its second week. I woke up at around 4 am and stayed in bed for 5 more minutes just because I want to. When I'm finally done making my bed, I made a hot chocolate … Continue reading The Kind Of Weekend I Need