Sudden Change of Routine

It’s been almost a week since the last time I posted here on my blog because I got busy and there’s a sudden change in my routine. I still wake up early to do my usual tasks during the day. I’m adjusting and maximizing my time more in training, house chores, and business. Yes, I’m … Continue reading Sudden Change of Routine

Things I Wish They Teach In School

As I look back on my school days and see the teaching system in my country and other parts of the world, I recognize that some important things in life are not being taught in school. Most of the problems and issues that occur these days are related to people's beliefs and mindsets. And honestly, … Continue reading Things I Wish They Teach In School

You Better Stop Wasting Your Time

We all have 24 hours in a day to spend and in that case, we're all equal. However, why do some of us still complains about not having enough time to do what we need in a single day? What do we think causes the problem of why we can't finish the job we needed … Continue reading You Better Stop Wasting Your Time