Things I Want to Tell My Younger Self

As I was looking for old magazines that I could use to make my vision board, I saw my old dream book and book of life projects back in my first year in college. I took them with me downstairs because I got curious. I can no longer remember what I have written to it. I just assume from my previous blog post the things I have written about my past goals. I was right in a couple of things – house, finish my studies, have a job, earn money… But what surprised me was the goal of becoming a pilot. Hahaha.

I’ve been thinking about this scenario where I talk to my younger self. I wonder what would I tell her. Would she be glad to be where we are now? Should I tell her about the things that make us stronger? The struggles we have faced? I don’t know if my younger version of me would be happy to see the older me but these are the things I want her to know:

We have grown up to be the smallest person in the family but it didn’t stop us to face big challenges in life. A lot of things had happened over the years and that made us stronger and less of a crybaby. Well, we cried a lot before we were able to handle our emotions perfectly. We have learned to fake feelings and act as if some bad things didn’t happen to us. Sometimes, it’s for the best. We easily moved on from things that we think won’t bring us any good in the future.

The family grew apart. Papa passed away without seeing our siblings become successful. Things have changed since then. Mama is doing well. She started working again when the family struggled financially. She enjoys her time working and gardening on her days off. She’s more relaxed now. We visit Papa once in a while. We can breathe now knowing that he’s already resting, with no more pain and heartaches. I know you were wishing forever for him to change but unfortunately, it didn’t happen. We got scared because the head of the family isn’t here anymore but we are doing okay now. We know Papa is looking after us from above.

We got a degree but it didn’t make us entirely happy because we didn’t like the course we took due to financial issues. But we enjoyed being employed for a couple of months. The passion we used to have got lost for a couple of years and that made us feel depressed. Our career path is a roller coaster ride. We’re currently unemployed and still finding our luck somewhere but we are happy. That is what’s more important, right? Don’t be sad because we’re being hopeful and patient these days.

Our heart is happy as well. We had experienced some heart aches and it taught us to be patient and cautious. We’re with the right person now. Someone who loves us unconditionally and is always there to make us smile. If you ask me if we’re ready to settle down, nope. Not yet. We’re still working on progress. It’s a long way to go to get there where we want to be.

We have so many goals we want to achieve. The only thing that doesn’t change about us is that we’re still ambitious. We don’t stop imagining and manifesting the good things in life. We sometimes feel hopeless but we always try our best to be motivated to start moving. There are so many exciting things ahead of us and I’ll take you with me, young Danielle.

If you have given a chance to talk to your younger self, what would you say? I would love to read them in the comment section!

Thank you so much for reading!


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