Half Way is Almost Over

Yes, I’m talking about the month of January. Time flies! Half of it is over and I can’t remember what I’ve done with those first three weeks of the new year. Maybe it’s normal to feel this way when I enjoy every single day that I wake up. There were days that I want to spend more time lying in bed but I had to force myself to get up because if I don’t, I’ll be done with my tasks in the afternoon instead before noon. I prefer to finish my chores early so I can rest early as well.

I look forward to ending this first month of the year 2023 better. I welcomed the New Year full of optimism and I hope I can keep that attitude until the end of this year. I’m surprised by how excited I am to start my mornings these days. I feel less worried too. I set my mind to focus and target some of my goals this year. Some are short-term, and some are long-term.

Focusing on myself and being mindful of how and where I spend my 24 hours a day helps a lot. I ignore people and things that I think won’t bring any benefits to me. I’m starting to surround myself with people who have the same goals as mine. Reading books and writing is what I usually do instead of scrolling on my phone mindlessly. I want to finish reading at least two books in a month. I’m trying my best to post at least three times a week on my blog and write in my journal every day.

How about you? How are you spending your January 2023 so far? Share them by commenting!

Thank you so much for reading!


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