Simple Ways To Live A Happy Life

With all the hardship that is happening around us, it’s impossible to always look on the brighter side of it. Sometimes, we just want to stay inside our room, let be absorbed by the darkness and never deal with any more dilemmas that outside can bring us. However, losing hope is a sign of defeat. We shouldn’t let the dreadful sides of it prevent us from appreciating all the good things around us and try to find ways how to live a joyful and happy life.

To make it happen, let’s start by changing the way we think, speak and act. Being able to put a smile on our faces isn’t that difficult as we thought it is. “Fake it until you make it” and when we get used to it, then we will surely shift our mood just by a snap of our fingers. Let’s be more indulge in the new things around us that can make us blissful and if we can share it with others, then do it. 

Focus on what makes you optimistic

Don’t exert effort and waste time on people and things that will not bring us remarkable results. Instead, give importance to the things that will take us to better places. Spend time with people that make us feel alive every single day. Having a pessimistic mindset will limit us from genuine happiness for the rest of our lives. We don’t need people who let us down especially in times like this where all of us are trying to keep sane.

Stop trying to be perfect

There will be some days that we feel ugly or unproductive and it’s normal. We don’t have to try too hard to be the best version of ourselves because it can forbid us from enjoying life and see its true meaning. This process will come naturally. We exist not to be perfect but to be ourselves, the authentic us. Let’s not pretend to be someone else just to please other people. Don’t try to insinuate others when we know we don’t feel confident about doing a certain thing. Instead, let’s surround ourselves with good people who acknowledge our flaws, who believe in our natural talents and support us on what we want to achieve in the future. That’s how we will live a happy life.

Forgive yourself and the people who caused you pain

Are you still stuck in the past and still reminds you of heartaches and bad memories? It’s not easy to forgive and it takes time. However, to attain a happy life, we have to let go and move on. We have to keep in mind that we’re doing this for ourselves, not for other people. And just because we decide to do it, it doesn’t mean that our forgiveness is for them but for us. It’s about letting ourselves go from the agony and resentment. Once we’ve finally forgiven ourselves, it’ll be easier for us to give it to others even if they don’t ask for it.

Be open to changes

Don’t limit yourself. We are capable of doing anything we want to become a better person. When others don’t believe in us, then we shouldn’t listen to them because we’re the only one who knows our abilities. If we want to improve and have a happy life, then let’s make a change and don’t hold back. Let’s start with a small step like waking up early in the morning, keeping a journal, or exercising three times a week.

Make other people happy

It feels much better when we can share our positivity with others. Not only it benefited them but us as well. By doing little things like sharing our food with those who are hungry, giving our seat to an old lady on the train, or listening to someone vents about his or her problem, we can already make a lot of difference. It only proves that we don’t need to have a lot of money to help other people.

Accept that mistakes, setbacks, and failures are normal

Part of living a happy life is acknowledging the fact that we have to encounter problems and make mistakes from time to time. And no matter how hard it hits us, just keep going. Don’t stop and feel sorry for ourselves and think that we’re about to fail because it’s not what it meant. Challenges sometimes are signals telling us that we have to glance back and check where we did go wrong. Figure it out and try a different approach when giving a solution.

Thank you for reading!

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