I Don’t Share my Problems Anymore

Sharing problems and complaining about how bad our situation in life right now won’t solve any of it. We don’t know what other people think about us. Some may feel happy that we are suffering and others console us but they’re also dealing with their issues in life. Sometimes, it makes us feel lighter because venting to someone is like releasing stress and getting through it.

Yet, sharing too much information with others isn’t a good thing sometimes. It’s like being an open book and people will read your life stories when it’s getting interesting because it’s full of drama. The thought of people giving unsolicited advice makes my head hurt.

We, as human beings, have this habit of telling our stories without asking others if they would be interested to hear them. We tend to be self-centered and forget that we’re not the only ones who are facing problems. However, it becomes toxic when we complain a lot than take time to solve our problems. We consume more time spreading negativity and showing people how miserable our life is.

Some acquaintances like to share not-so-good things about their family, love life, and even their neighborhood. I just listen to them and try to give some advice when asked. Sometimes, I no longer make the effort to comprehend everything they are saying because the issue is always the same but with different scenarios. Does that make sense? It’s difficult to offer a solution to someone who doesn’t even try to put it into action and see if it would work or not. Most of us know what to do to solve our problems but we like drama more. Do you know what I mean?

Do I sound like I’m complaining now?

Thank you so much for reading!


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