To All Of My Friends In Every Phase of Life

To my friends who I grew up with and lost communication, I miss all of you. I wish you’re all doing good in your lives right now. There were so many words that were left unsaid but it doesn’t matter anymore. And as much as I like to do some throwbacks with you, we can no longer do that since we’re all grown-ups now and some of you might already get married, have businesses, partners and even kids. I just wish you all the best in the world. We shared lots of good and bad days and I’ll forever treasure all of it.

To my friends who acted as friends but end up becoming my enemies, I don’t have hard feelings with you. I actually like to say thank you for giving me a realization that not all people do good things. That some are capable of doing and even say bad things about me. And I’m glad you showed me your true colors right before I gave you my one hundred percent trust because that would be painful for me to lose you as my friends.

To my friends who I met from my previous jobs, you’re all awesome! I learned so many life lessons from you, guys. Well, even if not all of you taught me good things like drinking alcohol, partying and depriving myself of sleep, I’m still grateful to you because you made me meet the other side of me, that I’m capable of doing such things. I can’t say I was raised from a very conservative family because my parents let me do things I want to do and just keep on reminding me of my responsibilities in life. So, it’s not your fault after all because I did all of that to myself.

To my friends who showed me how wonderful and big the world is, yet cruel, I’m so happy that I’ve met all of you! I know we all have different ages and levels of maturity but it didn’t hinder us to become friends. Thank you for all the advice, laughter and tears we shared. Wherever you are right now, I hope you’re all doing fine, happy and full of energy.

And lastly, to my friends who stay with me along the way, thank you and I love you, guys.

Thank you for making me feel I deserve all of you, for sharing your thoughts about everything, for making me smile and cry because of your silly jokes and pranks. And even if some of you already settled, have babies and successful in your chosen careers, I know you’re all just one message away from me. We already have different goals and responsibilities and we can’t find time to have a get-together. But I know, deep in my heart, that you’re still and always will be my friends forever.

Thank you so much for reading!


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