Why It’s Okay to Change Your Goals Every Now and Then

When I was a kid, I don’t have a clear vision of what I truly wanted to be when I grow up. Well, I had a huge interest in arts but as times go by, along with the change of my surrounding, my heart goes with it too. Although I haven’t completely forgotten the idea of pursuing it, I prefer to focus more on what makes me happier and content.

I want to ask my Mom about my childhood days and what she thought I’ll be when I become an adult but she’s too busy preparing dinner now. I wonder if she thought I am going to be an actress since she once told me that I loved mimicking and acting in front of the mirror when I was just little. The other side of me thinks that it’s a silly idea because I was a shy kid back then at the same time.

After college, I want to get a job and buy whatever I want are the only goals that I had in the past. I was too young to think of much bigger and concrete goals back then. Maybe because the idea of being independent is much more exciting than figuring out what will make me become stable without relying on my job.

We all have different goals, dreams and even beliefs in life. Personally, I thought that getting a job is the end of my goal in life. However, as I age and become more mature, my dreams are changing too. I worry when that happens but in the long run, I realized that it’s part of the process of growing up. Sometimes, when we eventually reached our goals, we have this mindset that we want more. When things don’t work out for us, changing it entirely is what we tend to do.

No matter how big or small, easy or difficult our goals are, the main point is, changing it sometimes can be a better thing to do. Life is limited and unpredictable to get wasted being so worried about the goals we thought we wanted. Get up and do what you truly believe in and what makes your heart grow fonder. You need to keep moving and you’ll be proud of yourself soon.

Thank you so much for reading!


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2 thoughts on “Why It’s Okay to Change Your Goals Every Now and Then

  1. After changing three major careers, tons of hobbies, and a wide swathe of personal fashion choices, I agree that goals are ephemeral and should evolve along as you do. Thanks for sharing this, Danielle!

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