What Bravery Means To Me

A couple of days ago, I was busy doing some household chores when the word ‘brave’ stuck on my mind. I can’t remember what I was thinking back then that made me think I should write something about it. So here I am, trying to put all of my thoughts into words so I can share with you what all of those are.

Being brave has a lot of meaning for each of us and personally, it means doing something that scares us terribly. This topic made me go back to my younger days where I think, I did some bravery. Even today, for me, taking risks sometimes can also be considered as being brave.

First off, going to the dentist for a checkup. I guess it’s normal for kids to be afraid of dentists but it was still vivid in my memory how I cried in front of my Mom and our family dentist. The main reason? The dentist didn’t do an extraction on me just like on my other siblings. It was hilarious! My bravery is too much for a kid but this made me get into a realization that facing our fears will not depend on what age we are.

Facing my fears is what makes me feel brave. I experienced one time, on my way home, I used to save my food and fare allowance so I can buy chocolate after school. I have to walk for almost two hours in the middle of the dark and quiet streets so I can get home versus a ride that will only take more or less 30 minutes. It sounded silly, I know, but chocolate back then made me happy after a long day in school. See? It was just a simple thing but being in the dark was one of the reasons I’m fearless now.

My Mom always reminds me that being independent and doing things on my own is another way of bravery. She told me once that relying on other people is fine at first but when I finally figured out how things work, I have to do it alone next time. It’s not a good thing to depend on others when you know you can learn how to do it on your own.

The idea of leaving home was one of the fears I’ve faced before. Of course, I got used to seeing my family around so it was difficult for me to adjust at first. But, I understood that standing on my own feet is another way of being courageous and an adult too. Leaving home for college is one of the scariest but exciting things I’ve faced in my life. I felt the kind of freedom I didn’t imagine yet, making decisions all by myself made me anxious.

I understand that we all have fears and to survive in this world, we all need to face it. I know it’s easy said than done but I guarantee you that once we start to overcome our fears, we will feel more confident about ourselves and believe that we can do anything no matter how horrifying it can be.

Thank you so much for reading!


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