The Power of Celebrating Small Victories

I always get excited to start my day knowing that I’ll be able to finish most of the tasks I’ve written down the night before on my to-do list. Although there are some days that I get disappointed with myself, I try to give more attention to what makes me happy and feel like a winner. It’s difficult to stay positive all the time but with the help of the people around me, I get through the day without feeling so bad about everything.

Celebrating small victories in my life is what makes me keep going to turn my dreams and goals into reality. This pandemic adds more thrill and challenge for me which makes me more appreciate the blessings that I have in my life. Instead of highlighting the things that upset me, I choose to get motivated with what I have fulfilled.

I read that keeping a gratitude list will help people to recognize the things that make us feel grateful. This helps to make progress and continue with what we do. It inspires us that no matter how small or big our achievements are, they are all important and part of our journey. Those things are what makes us the kind person we are and wanted to be in the future.

Being able to finish my degree, passed a couple of job interviews, got a decent job and even creating my own blog were some of the things I wanted to write on my gratitude list if I have one. I also like to include the people I have in my life right now since I earned their trust, love and patience with me. Sometimes I ask myself if I deserve all the good things I have right now and the answer is always a “yes”. Because I know I’ve worked hard for all of it.

My victories are what keeps me going even if sometimes, I already wanted to give up. These also get me reminded of why I started doing what I’m doing. It’s like looking back from my past and see how long I’ve come to be in the kind of life I have today and just keep moving and reach for my goals.

Thank you so much for reading!


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