How This Pandemic Changed The Way I See Things

Earlier today, the government has decided to lift the quarantine period in my place on the 16th of May. It means that people are already allowed to travel freely without the use of a quarantined pass. I can’t say that we can go back to our normal lives because there is still no cure for the virus.

This pandemic made me realized how our lives can change in just a day. That because of unexpected events and other people’s faults, others can get affected too. Being rich and poor will no longer matter. What we will care about is if do we still have food to eat and water to drink the next day. Or if we can survive just by staying in our homes.

Staying at home can be a good idea for people like me who don’t like going out all the time. But this situation is different from what I know is normal. When this pandemic arises, the news kept on telling that the government was in control of the situation. Yet, as days passed, things turned out differently and everyone got shocked.

The mandatory home quarantine started. Quarantine pass started to get distributed in every home. And traveling locally and even internationally had been stopped. Most of the businesses were advised to close for the meantime while the virus is still spreading. And worst, the number of people who got sick and died rose up.

I realized that going out even just in our neighborhood should never be taken for granted. I read lots of rants on social media about how bored they are already because of this situation. Some blamed the people and the country where the virus came from. And others say that it’s the way our God gives us a lesson. No matter what the reasons are behind all of this, I know for sure, everyone has lessons to learn when this end.

When everyone keeps on focusing on negative thoughts because of what’s happening, I shifted my mindset on a positive one. I’m happy to say that no one in my family is sick, that we still have food and water to consume so we can survive and even good running business. I’m currently staying with my parents who own a garden full of vegetables so we really don’t have a problem with food when the market is close. We also managed to save some money if something came up just like what’s happening now.

How I see life now has been different since this all started. I value more the time that I have in this world. I recognized how spending time with people we love is much important than dealing with others who don’t see our worth. I appreciate more the small things that I have like my pens, notebooks, books and good music playlist who always saves me from overthinking things.

I figure out as well that just by simply washing our hands and being clean in our surroundings can save us and the people who are important to us from getting sick. That by throwing our garbage properly can bring a big difference to the world not only to people but to animals too.

I can say that most of the problems we’re facing right now are all man-made. The things we see around are all just lent to us, we don’t own anything. The same with our lives which can take away from us anytime our creator wants to.

Thank you so much for reading!


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