I Love And I Embrace My Body

I have a lot of insecurities when it comes to my body since when I was a kid. The scars on my face, the big birthmark on my back, difficulty in gaining weight and a height of a high school student. Some define me as cute and at first, I was happy about it. However, as I grew older, the word “cute” started to make my ears irritated whenever I hear it from the people that I just met. They don’t take me seriously unless I open my mouth and speak according to my age.

“There’s something I needed to do to make some improvement about my body,” that’s what I used to tell myself. I did some research on how to remove birthmark and scars permanently. I also watched so many YouTube videos about gaining weight exercises and foods. I worked out and eat based on what the videos tell me and yes, it was effective! I saw big differences in my body since I started exercising and I’m still trying to eat as much as I need to get my normal weight.

On the other hand, the other things that I get insecure about, the scars and birthmark that I have, I left them as they are. I realized that there are some things that we can’t make a change so instead of stressing myself out just to get rid of them, I chose to embrace them. It made me think as well that they are what makes me unique from others. Even twins have differences. The people in my life accept me for what I am, what I look like and what makes me who I am so, why I can’t do that to myself too?

Loving ourselves first is indeed more important than pleasing everyone. Comparing ourselves to what we see on social media isn’t healthy. Most of the too good to be true images we see online are edited. We all have flaws even the celebrities we look up to. They probably even undergo so many surgeries so they can be like other people too. Envy, insecurities and complaining about everything are what we can put us in the hole of depression. If we don’t know how to handle our emotions, negativity will overpower our positivity.

I love my scars, my birthmarks, my moles and even my not so tall height. These are the gifts from above and I should embrace it wholeheartedly. I’m grateful and happy and contented with all that I have.

Thank you so much for reading!


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